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At Colossale we only work with the best manufacturers, high-quality equipment ensures your POS is always running at maximum efficiency and does not let you down at critical times during service. Better Quality equipment always gives our customer a better and faster ROI. Paying a bit more at purchase is always cheaper on the lifetime of your device. We strongly believe that customers are served better with this approach. Unlike other POS vendors that want to sell cheap equipment, to be able to have recurring revenue faster when it breaks, we believe on a solid long-term relationship and aspire to have you use your equipment as long as possible.


The Fusion Hybrid Tablet Solution

If you are looking for the next generation tablet, you’ve found it! The Fusion Hybrid Tablet is an All-In-One (AIO) solution with easy mobility conversion. Continue reading to see how this product stands out from the rest of the tablet industry.

Versatile Base

The Fusion Hybrid Tablet base offers a rich grouping of both standard and optional IO ports, coupled with the electronic lock that secures the tablet as soon as it is placed on the base. Want to convert it back to a tablet? Simply push one button for the tablet to release from the base. All of these features make the Fusion Hybrid Tablet base a versatile yet chic addition to your traditional AIO and Tablet solutions.


Being able to ruggedize your tablet solution is key in ensuring the longevity of your technology. While all of our tablet solutions can be ruggedized, the Fusion Hybrid Tablet is the first of its kind to have a removable bumper. With this peripheral, you can protect your tablet while on the go but eliminate any added bulkiness when it is set up as an AIO solution.


The Razor All-In-One Touch Screen POS Terminal

The Razor’s “razor-thin” slim-edge 15.6” display offers a modern, sophisticated look and feel while its next-generation Intel® Elkhart Lake Celeron® J6412, Intel® Whiskey Lake Celeron® 4305UE , i3-814UE & i5-8625U and Qualcomm CPUs offers fast, powerful functionality.

“Razor-thin” Widescreen, Sleek Next Generation Design

Touch Dynamic’s Razor All-In-One touch screen POS terminal boasts a 15.6” slim-edge display that features a fashionable rear design with peripheral expansions for docking connections. Offered in black, its touch-sensitive full HD IPS display is guaranteed to bring a modernized aesthetic to your business.

Fast, Cutting Edge Processing Power

Maximize productivity with superior processing power. Complete with either the Intel Elkhart or Intel Whiskey Lake CPU’s for Windows and a Qualcomm CPU for Android 9, the Razor allows for speedy, seamless operations.

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