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Colossale cloud Pos has integrated Restaurant delivery services


unlimited sales possibility's


Colossale has a built-in online ordering platform. The programming of this feature is centralized in the Colossale back office; the exact item you use for the POS is used for your online ordering.

  • Programming is simple and in real-time.

  • Put an item available or unavailable.

  • Have a different price than your other income centers.

  • Upload your photos 

  • Enter a detailed description.

  • Add extras to increase the average bill. 

  • Possibility to put a count on the items.

  • The online inventory will also consider the units sold in restaurants to avoid errors.

  • Pre-order possibility (date and time)

  • If the multisite, the possibility to choose its location for the order 

  • Online orders for take-out and delivery

  • Online order sales reports (best-selling items, quantity, production)

  • With the customer's permission, you can send them promotions and make advertising campaigns.

  • Online credit card payment integration (Global, Moneris, PayFacto, Stripe, PayPal, etc.)

  • Integration of your online gift cards (PayStone, Freebees, SeemyApps)

  • As we understand that the business relationship with a partner is essential, Colossale also integrates perfectly with the UEAT platform.



The delivery module simplifies the management of delivery services. It offers specialized tools to increase the speed and efficiency of order-taking. In addition, Colossale meets all delivery needs, including address identification on Google Maps, automatic customer recognition, backup of order history, and the option to make zone delivery routes using Google Maps.



  • Colossale saves the customer's full contact details and order history. Each client file is accessible by phone number, allowing the speed and efficiency of locating a client in Colossale.

  • Automatically identifies the customer's delivery area from Google Maps and can assign shipping costs automatically.

  • The system can record pre-orders and automatically send them to the kitchen on the date and time.

  • Payment integration is fully integrated with the delivery module, allowing you to take payments at the door. The invoice will be automatically closed with the correct payment method in Colossale.

  • Distribution 

  • The perfect tool for managing delivery drivers

  • The dispatch functions allow you to manage the priorities of the deliverers and better control the entries and exits of these and the delivery times. Multiple deliveries can be assigned to a delivery person in the same geographic area for increased efficiency.

  • Allows delivery people to close multiple invoices in one step or make a deposit

  • A sales report per employee simplifies the closing of transactions at the end of the shift by detailing the number of deposits.

  • Make sure to distribute equal routes to each driver.

  • Tools that help ensure a faster and more efficient delivery service, such as the ability to print a delivery route and a map.

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Offer your customers the opportunity to order with peace of mind. Make up for the lack of staff. Increase your average bills.

Colossale is very easy to install on any terminal as long as it has an internet connection and web browsing software such as Chrome.

  • The programming of this option is done in the same way as for online ordering.

  • Everything is programmed directly in the Colossale back office.

  • The choice of available items and the programming of extras/remarks may be completely different from that for online ordering.

  • Wide choice of equipment, given the simplicity of the Colossale software.

  • Integrated credit/debit card payment (Global Payment) Integrated gift cards (DataCandy, Freebees) Coming soon, SeemyApps

  • Email invoices (for the upcoming QC when the SRM web is released) Sales Reports

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All our dealers are certified to fully support Colossale software and support is included in all our software packages

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All our dealers are trained and take great pride in offering personalized on site installations. We make sure you can operate your business effortlessly

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