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Taking Orders



Personnel Management

A tool made to manage your employees effectively. This module eliminates the need to use an external timestamp application. It allows your staff to register their entry and exit from all points of sale. You will have access, from anywhere, to the information needed to manage labor costs in real-time and produce payroll.   

The Hotel interface

Allows you to send loads to rooms directly to your PMS. Not only will the transaction be transferred, but also the invoice details such as the revenue center, item details, promotions, credits, and tax details. It will also be easy to manage authorizations, such as who can carry a load to the House.


Meets all delivery needs, including customer identification, order history of each customer, and management of different individuals or companies at the same address. You can manage your delivery areas, route planning, and the geolocation of deliverers via Google Maps. 

Accounting interface

Save time by integrating your accounting software with Colossale. It allows you to transfer all transactional and inventory, and purchase data.


The Colossal inventory module is powerful and allows you to manage your inventories, recipes, and even the time and cost of producing a dish. No details are taken into account to ensure you get the actual cost.

 Online Ordering and Kiosk

 Get rid of third-party companies. Both interfaces are native. Using our platforms, you optimize your time through real-time communication with the back office. Change the price, a description, or a photo, and it will be done on all your platforms instantly. Plus, integration with Uber eat, Doordash, and Skip the dishes is native!

Payment integration and gift cards

Make sure to expand to more than one company; Colossale integrates with most payment processors and gift cards on the market. Whether for payment at the table or web payment, Keep your bargaining power!

Reports and BI tool

Reports in your image. You will find a variety of powerful predefined reports. But don't stop there! We allow you to create your reports and save them for future use. A powerful BI machine is also available as an option for Accounts receivable.

Customer Service
Software Engineers
Modern Digital Watch



All our dealers are certified to fully support Colossale software and support is included in all our software packages



Schedule a demo with one of our experts

We can schedule On-line demo's for you and when available in person as well


You have enough to worry about

All our dealers are trained and take great pride in offering personalized on-site installations. We make sure you can operate your business effortlessly

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